Perfect Designer Kurtis For Every Occasion

Designer kurtis are one of the most comfortable and stylish options available in the market when you want to choose an outfit which you can easily wear to several occasions. You will want one which will fit you perfectly, highlight your best features and basically, makes you look and feel gorgeous. So here are few quick tips to help you find the best kurti for Ramadan gifts.

Find the kurti which suits your height. Clothes are what you make (out) of them. So you need to know to wear something which will suit your physique. If you are really tall, you should avoid long designer kurtis. Instead opt for short kurtis and pair them with jeans, leggings, Patiala salwars or even dhoti salwars. On the other hand, if you are not that tall and want to appear taller than you really are, then you should opt for long kurtis as they will make you look taller.

If you have broad shoulders, you should avoid wearing kurtis which have Chinese collars at neck or have puffed sleeves as these highlight shoulders and hence, your shoulders will appear broader than they are.

If you are perceived as a shy person, you can bring out or highlight your aggressive side, (you can) by wearing strong colors like red, blue etc. This way you can easily bring out your aggressive side with style.

When it comes to work and business, going conservative is the best choice. Not everyone will be as sportive as you and can hence, easily overwhelmed by the burst of colors or a completely new cut or design. So to stay on the safe side, opt for designer kurtis which are sober and have sleek design and cuts.

Colors like pastels, black, white etc. are the best choice in colors for work attire. Colors like pink, sky blue and lemon yellow are more feminine and if you want to incorporate these colors in your work wardrobe, you can opt for their muted shades, something which makes you look and feel feminine and still fits into the conservative office environment.

If you are petite and have a small frame and in case you want to look slightly bigger, then you should opt for colors with bright hues like muted shades of blue, pink, yellow, light green etc. These colors reflect light and make a person appear bigger than they are.

In case you have a large frame and want to appear slightly smaller in size, you should opt for designer kurtis which have fabrics of darker colors like navy blue, black etc. These colors hide all those unflattering and make you appear thinner than you are.

If you are short and want to look taller than you are, then you should match the color of your kurtis with your salwars. Matching salwar suit creates the optical illusion of length and hence, you look taller than you really are.

And last but not the least, you should wear what you like and want to wear. Forget all the rules and enjoy the feel and look of clothes you like. Although it is important that you appear good and stylish to the world, but what is even more important is that you feel happy and comfortable in designer kurtis.


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